Board of Commissioners

Danville City
Franklin County
Fred O. Shanks, III, Executive Committee Leland Mitchell, Executive Committee
Lee Vogler Tim Tatum 
Kimberly Walker - Appointed Vacant - Appointed
Henry County
Martinsville City
Jim L. Adams - Chairman, Executive Committee Kathy Lawson - Treasurer, Executive Committee
Tommy Slaughter Jennifer Bowles
Wesley E. George, III- Appointed Ronikka Hannans - Appointed
Patrick County
Pittsylvania County
Rickie Fulcher - Vice-Chairman, Executive Committee Ronald Scearce, Executive Committee
Karl Weiss Ben Farmer
Jerry Adams - Appointed Greg Sides - Appointed
Town of Rocky Mount
Ralph A. Casey - Appointed  


David R. Hoback Executive Director
Leah Manning Deputy Director
Joseph Bonanno Regional Transportation Planner
Jacob Bullins Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper
David Rakes Cartographer/Planning Technician 
Tracy Meade Office Assistant