Community Planning

The West Piedmont Planning District Commission provides support to our local government members for community development efforts. The PDC staff works collaboratively with local governments, state and federal agencies, educational institutions, economic and workforce development organizations, and others to better the lives of our citizens in the West Piedmont Region. Through the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), the PDC provides technical assistance to our communities with initiatives funded by Community Development Block Grants for housing, economic development, community facilities, water and sewer infrastructure, and other efforts to improve quality of life in the District.  A number of other programs and initiatives are available through DHCD to assist in community development and capacity building efforts.

Capacity building activities focus on a) Coordinating opportunities for partnerships; b) Researching effective programs across the country; c) Identifying new sources of funding and assistance; and d) Providing technical assistance with grant applications and data collection. In FY 2016-17, staff will utilize the Building Collaborative Communities grant funds awarded by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development to develop a regional visioning plan in preparation for the GO (Growth & Opportunity) Virginia Initiative in advancement of regional project priorities to foster economic development opportunities and enhance prosperity in the region.

Other efforts include assistance with comprehensive plans, mapping and GIS services, land use planning, strategic and vision planning, disaster planning (Hazard Mitigation Plan), and other services, as needed or requested. For further details, please contact the PDC.