Danville MPO

Danville MPOWhat is an MPO?

The Metropolitan Planning Organization is an entity encouraged by federal legislation whose mandate is to help ensure that current and future expenditures for transportation programs and projects have a basis or foundation in a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive planning--the "3-C" planning process.

What is the area served by the Danville MPO?

Several federal agencies have been involved in defining MPO's, including the Census Bureau, Office of Management and Budget, and the Federal Highway Administration/U.S. Department of Transportation. In the early 1980's it was recognized that an urbanized area of 50,000 population existed within Danville and portions of Pittsylvania County and so steps were taken to establish the MPO agency and establish an initial boundary. Since then a study area boundary also has been established at a distance outside of the Urbanized Area boundary. With the 2000 Census, these boundaries were changed to a limited extent.

What is the MPO Policy Board?

The Danville MPO has a governing body whose voting members are made up of three members from the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors, two members from the Danville City Council, the Danville City Manager, and a member from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). A number of voting alternates are also specified. The Policy Board meets to determine policy matters and vote on issues brought to them by the Chairman and/or MPO Administrator. The Board meets when sufficient agenda items warrant a called meeting. Meeting information is posted on the PDC's Calendar of Events page. 

MPO Bylaws

MPO Policy Board

Staff Contact Persons

Technical Committee/Project Management Team

Citizens Advisory Committee

Freight Committee Membership

How is the Danville MPO contacted?

The Executive Director of the West Piedmont Planning District Commission is a primary contact person and can be reached at 1.276.638.3987 (voice); 1.276.638.8137 (fax); staff@wppdc.org (email); address: MPO Administrator, West Piedmont Planning District Commission, P.O. Box 5268, Martinsville, VA 24115. Alternatively, the Danville City Manager, Danville City Engineer, Danville Regional Airport Manager/Director of Transportation Services, and Pittsylvania County Administrator are other avenues for contacting the MPO.

Danville MetroWhat does the MPO do?

The Danville MPO develops plans and programs that are subject to approval by federal transportation agencies in order for federal aid in transportation funding to flow to the region governed by the MPO. The national transportation legislation, FAST Act (Fixing America's Surface Transportation) and MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21 Century), dictates that primary MPO activities shall include development and maintenance of a Long-Range Transportation Plan and a Transportation Improvement Program. The agency also develops a Unified Transportation Planning Work Program on an annual basis to outline planning activities that are to take place and the funding determined to be required to undertake the annual efforts. This plan effectively serves as both the MPO's budget and work program.

Long-Range Transportation Plan for Year 2045

The current Long-Range Transportation Plan covers a period out to the Year 2045. The document includes a map showing color coded segments of existing corridors where improvements are recommended and some new segments where new construction is recommended in the future sometime before Year 2045.  Also included are text and tables further detailing the recommendations. For more information, visit https://www.danvillempo2045.com/.   

Transportation Improvement Program

The MPO has an approved Transportation Improvement Program for three year periods. The document details projects to improve the area's transportation system, facilities, and services based on what is believed at the time to be amounts of funding reasonably thought to be available for the work during each respective three-year time period. The program covers transportation elements such as urban streets, primary roads, secondary roads, safety program projects, enhancement program projects, and Route 58 corridor improvement program projects.

Unified Transportation Planning Work Program, FY 2021

The MPO initially adopted its annual Unified Transportation Planning Work Program in the spring of 2020. The document specifies the work activities that the MPO Board, its staff, and contracted consultants may be expected to carry out during the period from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.  During FY 2020, the following consultant-led studies were conducted: 1) the update of the Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan to Year 2045, and 2) the update of the U.S. 58 West Access Management Study from Piedmont Drive to Long Circle, initially done in 2012.