Coordinated Human Service Mobility Plan (CHSM), September 2013

 Corridors of Statewide Significance, May 2013:

North Carolina to West Virginia Corridor (U.S. 220) 

 Seminole Corridor (U.S. 29)

 Southside Corridor (U.S. 58)

Danville MPO Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan, October 2015

Danville MPO Consultant-led Corridor Studies/Plans

Danville MPO FY 2015-2018 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), May 2014

Danville MPO FY 2018 Unified Transportation Planning Work Program (UPWP), May 2017

Danville MPO FY 2018-2021 Transportation Improvement Program, April 2017; Amended November 2017

Danville Transit Demand Plan (Danville Transit System), October 2015

Park & Ride Study, 2009

Public Information Participation Plan and Notification Procedures Manual (adopted August, 2011 by Danville MPO)


Regional Bicycle Plan, 2005

Executive Summary

Full Bicycle Plan


Figure 1.1. Study Area Map Figure 4.3. Pittsylvania County Bicycle Map
Figure 2.1. Existing Conditions Map Figure 4.4. Martinsville Bicycle Map
Figure 2.2. Franklin County Adopted Bicycle Routes Figure 4.5. Henry County Bicycle Map
Figure 4.1. Regional Bicycle Plan Map Figure 4.6. Patrick County Bicycle Map
Figure 4.2. Danville Bicycle Map Figure 4.7. Franklin County with Rocky Mount Bicycle Map

*It should be noted that these maps are original to the Plan.  Updated maps are available for some areas.  Inquiries should be directed to the PDC staff for more information.


2035 Regional Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan, 2011

Virginia Statewide Freight Study Plan

Virginia Strategic Highway Safety Plan Summary

West Piedmont Complete Streets Walkability Assessment Report (July 2017)