Environment/Natural Resources

EnvironmentalThe Commission monitors issues to assure that the region's land, water, and air are conserved, managed, and protected for the benefit and enjoyment of all people, including future generations.  As such, a number of objectives are carried out in this role including coordination and provision of environmental information and resources; assistance in planning and financing the provision of sanitary sewerage and water systems, transportation, and other public systems in an effort to protect and improve the natural and human environment; monitoring of environmental resources and conditions and advise local governments of changes in conditions and the need for appropriate planning and management techniques that may be employed; provision of up-to-date information to member localities on actions potentially affecting the water, land, timber, and other natural resources across the District; update of the Regional Water Supply Plan and the Regional Water and Wastewater Disposal Plan to reflect the input that may be retained from local sewer and water plans and reflect the changes that have occurred in growth patterns throughout the District as well as altered federal and state regulatory and funding policies; assistance to local governments in conjunction with legislation and rules promulgated by federal and state governments affecting the management of landfills, stormwater, solid waste handling, disposal, and reuse or recycling; and assistance in the development of comprehensive environmental studies or implementation of environmental projects such as watershed implementation plans, best management practices, and other related work activities. 

Climatology (Virginia State Climatology Office)

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Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

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