Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Bicycle and pedestrian transportation, also known as active transportation, are progressively popular forms of travel in local areas due to their increasingly-recognized health and environmental benefits. The presence of active transportation infrastructure also has been found to promote investment in many communities. The WPPDC and Danville MPO promote active transportation primarily through regional plans.  Currently, WPPDC staff serves on the West Piedmont Complete Streets Coalition, which is working to promote complete streets policies throughout the West Piedmont Health District. 

In addition, the West Piedmont Regional Bicycle Plan was developed in 2005 and will be updated in the upcoming fiscal year.  Many trails exist in the region for recreational enjoyment as well.  As part of the Danville Metropolitan Planning Organization, a Bicycle and Pedestrian study will be conducted in Danville’s River District.

Trails are a very important piece of the infrastructure and serve to increase health and well-being in the community, support tourism, and help preserve nature's beauty, in many cases.  There are a number of invigorating trails throughout the Region. For most trails, information is provided on each local government's website under the "Parks and Recreation" departments.