MPO Reports and Studies

As administrative agent for the Danville Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), the PDC has collaborated with a number of consultants and VDOT/FHWA staff to conduct various plans and corridor studies over the years.  Below is a list of some of those reports and recommendations as a result of the studies. For more information, please contact the Danville MPO Administrator/WPPDC.

Danville MPO 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (August 2020)

U.S. 58 West Access Management Study & Recommendations Appendix (August 2020) 

Route 58 West Access Management Study Update (November 2019 Public Meeting)

Southern Virginia Mega Site at Berry Hill Transportation Study Update - Summary and Full Report (June 2018)

Mount Cross Road/Averett University (North Campus) Study (Completed May 2017; Amended June 2018)

Danville River District Bicycle and Pedestrian Study (Completed May 2017)

Blairs Fire Station & Route 29 Study (Completed June 2014)

Schoolfield Industrial Complex Study (Completed June 2014)

Moorefield Bridge Road (Route 863) Study (Completed June 2013)

Kentuck Road (Route 729) Study (Completed June 2013)

Connector between Route 863 and US Route 58 (Completed February 2012)

Mount Cross Road (Route 750) Improvements (Completed June 2012)

Route 58 West Access Management Plan (Completed June 2012)

Danville Riverwalk Trail and Ringgold Depot Trail Connector Study (Completed June 2012)

Route 29 Access Management Study-Blairs (Completed June 2009)

Route 29 Access Management Study-Tightsqueeze Area (Completed June 2009)